My #WWDC24 Wishlist

#WWDC24 Wishlist: Not really for WWDC, but is it really so hard for #Apple to unify the UI/UX further? Allowing Pencil to work across all devices (probably not the TV), or have touch screen on MacBook?

#WWDC24 Wishlist: It’s time for #Apple to truly innovate. ESG ready Logo Stickers! You can make M4 in 3nm but can’t make sustainable stickers?

#WWDC24 Wishlist: Continuity Camera is a great idea, it’s so #Apple. Just enable the USB-C service port on #AppleTV and let us plug-in a cheap webcam so we don’t have to stick our iPhone on each time.

#WWDC24 Wishlist: Can #Apple ever fix #AirPlay latency? I just want to use my fleet of HomePods as normal speakers and microphones for my Macs. I don’t need lossless perfection for my PC speakers. If wireless is hard to do, give us a wired #HomePod!

#WWDC24 Wishlist: Remote Desktop for iOS. So we can help others to troubleshoot issues. Just using #FaceTime to share screen and talk them through where to tap is still not easy enough.

#WWDC24 Wishlist: Might be a bit “early” still, but how about some #blockchain love? It can be great for spatial computing to have unique tradable items inside the digital world. Not sure if everyone will give you a 30% cut of their digital worth.

#WWDC24 Wishlist: Can #Apple extend to Mac Virtual Display feature on #VisionPro to iOS and iPadOS. Or just make it ecosystem wide. So we can use iPhone/iPad directly inside VisionPro. 

#WWDC24 Wishlist: Will Apple merge Personas with Memoji for #VisionPro? How about using GAN to create Memoji from FaceID camera finally?

#WWDC24 Wishlist: Everyone is expecting #Apple to release magical #AI tools. How about some on-device GAN to help with generating some cool images or emojis. People are getting too serious about AI, how about using it for fun?

#WWDC24 Wishlist: It’s time for #Apple to upgrade iCloud storage plans. Been a few years. 2TB is getting a bit small for a family of 5. Apple is already making 16% more than others by not offering annual payments!

#WWDC24 Wishlist: Can we get more out of the Action button on #iPhone15? Single click, double click and hold? It’s a great way to trigger Shortcuts, but annoying that it can only default to 1 action.

#WWDC24 Wishlist: Still waiting for #Healthkit on Mac. And wider integration into HomeKit, so it can know about the environment impact to my health stats?

#WWDC24 Wishlist: I didn’t touch the Journal app in #iOS17, waiting for it to be available on iPad and Mac so I can sit down and type properly.


I have been writing these WWDC Wishlists for a few years. Every year, around May, I will sit down to think about what I wish Apple will release in the upcoming WWDC. It’s a fun guessing game. I have added the archive here.