My #WWDC Wishlist Archive

Every year, around May or so, I write up my wish list for the upcoming WWDC. Been doing it for a few years. Used to tweet them out, but as part of my moving out of X/Twitter, will use this page as the archive, will update annually.


#WWDC2023 Wishlist: 

#WWDC23 Wishlist: Will we finally get #Healthkit on Mac? Better yet, can we start linking #homekit with that too?

#WWDC23 Wishlist: Please give us more control over #Shortcuts. Make sure it can fully replace Automator and even AppleScript. #Apple is still too careful about these automation tools, won’t allow for auto messages or auto geo-location trigger, etc. Semi-automatic is not enough.

#WWDC23 Wishlist: Universal Control is cool, but not very stable. I wish we can just specify IP address and network adapter rather than just relying on Continuity bluetooth and wifi to work out proximity, etc. I went back to use #Symless for soft kvm.

#WWDC23 Wishlist: What will #Apple do with #ChatGPT? Will it include some privacy ready on-device GANs? Or will it be another tied up with #Microsoft like they did 25 years ago?

#WWDC23 Wishlist: Maybe it is finally time to think about making #vscode an option to #Xcode? Open up to many more extensions. Integrate with copilot and other AI coding assistants.

#WWDC23 Wishlist: A small thing, will we get to unlock iPad with my #applewatch this year? I can do that with my Mac and iPhone, just not my iPad.

#WWDC23 Wishlist: Can #Apple use on device #AI to help us build #shortcuts for tasks that we do regularly?


#WWDC2022 Wishlist: 

#WWDC22 A little sad to see that my #MacPro is not on compatible list for next #macOS. It was only officially discontinued for sale in December 2019!

#WWDC22 Will #Apple keep #MacMini as the cheapest Mac? 

#WWDC2022 Wishlist: 

#WWDC2022 Wishlist: Apple AR/VR, can it have all day battery life, then have universal control, sidecar, continuity, etc, all the seamless tech to fully integrate with all other Apple devices and services?

#WWDC2022 Wishlist: Can #iOS start getting cool names too?

#WWDC2022 Wishlist: If #Apple can add virtual background and green screen support to #FaceTime, I will start using it for work.

#WWDC2022 Wishlist: Apple AR/VR been hyped up for quite a few years now and it is coming. But what will the killer app/content be? Killer app for wearable watch is health and they nailed it. I am hoping that AR/VR is not just about games. How about fully tied in with AppleOne? 

#WWDC2022 Wishlist: #Xcode cloud will be released this year? Not saying that #Apple have problems with attracting developers with actual revenue, but even Microsoft is now loved by devs since VSCode/Github. Used to hate VS and Sourcesafe.

#WWDC2022 Wishlist: Will #Apple come up with #macOS #iCloud? Similar to the Windows 365 Cloud PC? So I can login to any Mac anywhere and just work?

#WWDC2022 Wishlist: I am still using symless/synergyc instead of Universal Control because I still have to use windows or linux with my Mac. When will it be truly universal? A system level soft KVM switch.

#WWDC2022 Wishlist: What can #Apple do to make #iCloud better for photo sharing? How about short videos too? A private TikTok?

#WWDC2022 Wishlist: Will there be a Magnet/Rectangle app killer built-in the next macOS?

#WWDC2022 Wishlist: I am still waiting for #Safari to have some kind of api for editing bookmarks and reading list. Make it system-wide so all browsers can share it.

#WWDC2022 Wishlist: How about #Siri API for app developers? On device only AI, can’t be used for tracking users, but will learn about usage patterns to make us all more productive.

#WWDC2022 Wishlist: I am still hoping for more triggers for Shortcut automation. iBeacon, UW-Band, using webcam to detect brightness, etc, etc. 

#WWDC2022 Wishlist: Will Shortcut app gets more than just no-code? It’s time to make AppleScript great again. 🙂

Books and Podcasts are just spam apps. Very bad clones/split of iTunes for the specific content types. Apple shouldn’t allow themselves to break their own developer guidelines.

#WWDC2022 Wishlist: Will Xcode get live share this year? Or just make #vscode the default editor?

#WWDC2022 Wishlist: Apple should rebuild #iOS data sync for Music, Books, Photos, etc. Was only great back then with #iPod. Don’t want to pay for uploading all files to iCloud just to get them back on devices. Have duplicates of HEIC and JPG photos after full import is so stupid.

#WWDC2022 Wishlist: #macOS Monterey was great for new features, but probably need another year to optimise it. It’s the first version of any OSX for me to notice the lagging dock animation. Something is wrong.

#WWDC2022 Wishlist: Don’t think it will happen, but can #Apple please sort out #HEIC? Either make it compatible for web browsers or start using other formats?

#WWDC2022 Wishlist: Please fix #Siri, #HomePod and #HomeKit. I have 6 HomePods around the house and a few computers. But I have to pay for Apple Music to use my own home iTunes library via cloud? Can’t even stop an alarm remotely when I am in another room.

#WWDC2022 Wishlist: Will #Apple take an active step to open up #iOS this year? Copy #macOS and allow overriding untrusted apps alerts. Log all of these so when apps start stealing data or install malware, users will know that they authorised the hack.

#WWDC2022 Wishlist: #iCloud storage pricing, make it cheap enough for end users so more developers will start using it as primary storage for their apps. It’s currently one of the most expensive per GB/TB.

#WWDC2022 Wishlist: Fixing #iCloud sync issues and open up #Safari bookmark sync for other browsers and platforms. 


#WWDC2021 Wishlist: 

#WWDC2021 Wishlist: #Safari and #Webkit native support for HEIC images

#WWDC2021 Wishlist: Customisable #Healthkit to track my own data. For example, uric acid levels.

#WWDC2021 Wishlist: #ios to extend faceid and touchid to watchid? To be able to double click #applewatch to authenticate for non payment just like with macOS now?

#WWDC2021 Wishlist: Make #Siri more reliable! It is annoying to have to ask Siri the same question many times before getting the answer. Network connections, homekit devices not responding, etc, all silly errors.

#WWDC2021 Wishlist: Notes app should have a mode for typing code and know when to stop autocorrecting quotes in code blocks.

#WWDC2021 Wishlist: It’s time for #Apple to push ahead with #iCloud. Make it the AWS of personal cloud. Allow devs to come up with nice features, iCloudStore, maybe? 

#WWDC2021 Wishlist: Better ways to manage #iMessage. Should be like the mail app, having filters and rules to handle junk messages better. Whilst doing this, add a feature to ban iCloud photos spammer for life!!

#WWDC2021 Wishlist: How about a new #PasswordKit or #AuthKit to replace LocalAuthentication framework? To make cross-device authentication possible for all apps, including 3rd party browsers. 

#WWDC2021 Wishlist: We want App Library feature for #iPadOS.

#WWDC2021 Wishlist: #homeOS soon? How many more? When will #Apple merge them all again?

#WWDC21 Wishlist: Please update #iCloud Notes to support shared folders.

#WWDC21 Wishlist: #Xcode is good, but it’s time for a fully modularised and extensible version. Developers can then choose to edit with #VSCode and still have all the great tools.

#WWDC21 Wishlist: #FaceTime to add virtual background and web browser support?

#WWDC21 Wishlist: Should Apple try to make #Safari cross platform again? Windows, Android, even Linux? It’s more viable as an alternative to #Chromium browsers than #Firefox.

#WWDC21 Wishlist: I actually miss AirPort Time Capsule to extend Time Machine feature. Can #homeOS have something like that? Plug in a spare hard disk to your homeOS device and have a seamless NAS at home, hybrid with #icloud?#WWDC21 Wishlist: #Apple M2 supporting expandable RAM, ready for new #MacPro later this year.

#WWDC21 Wishlist: #Airtags support for indoor mapping. Placing them on each corner of each room to improve AR experience.

#WWDC21 Wishlist: Please fix “say -v ‘?’” to include all the great #Siri voices. 

#WWDC21 Wishlist: Maybe it’s time to upgrade #Swift Playground to #Xcode Playground, supporting more languages for kids to play with coding.

#WWDC21 Wishlist: I always wonder what is the back story to FileMaker/Claris never quite joining the #Apple family. Even avoiding having an Access competitor in iWork suite. Can’t be that simple.

#WWDC21 Wishlist: New #AI frameworks for app developers to build on-device features.

#WWDC21 Wishlist: Should #iCloud be cheaper? Or give us annual payment discount again?

#WWDC21 Wishlist: What’s if #Apple introduce their own search engine, all privacy safe, etc. Giving up the $12 billion or so from #Google each year? 

#WWDC21 Wishlist: Shortcuts for Mac? Finally integrating all we love about AppleScript, Automator and Shortcuts and have it on all Apple platforms?

#WWDC21 Wishlist: #AirTags to support Shortcuts. When I am walking beyond 5m away from my AirTag, run a shortcut on my iPhone to alert me in advance. 

#WWDC21 Wishlist: Better ways to manage my iOS install apps. Beyond App Library. I am talking about some kind of list and filters, bulk actions to delete, archive, etc. Just a way to delete all apps not supporting latest OS will be nice. But how to keep all previous app data?

#WWDC21 Wishlist: App Clip needs another push. It should be as good as WeChat mini-programs. But probably need Apple to open up api for linking with Android apps too. Not good for just #iOS only.

#WWDC21 Wishlist: Custom icons support for #iOS? Make the whole system with theme support like they had it in macOS 9! 

#WWDC21 Wishlist: Allow users to help with improving #Siri. Send them a list of failed commands so they can type them out. They understand their own accent perfectly without much privacy concerns.

#WWDC21 Wishlist: After many years, still hoping that Apple Maps can enable international access, so I can freely browse around all flyover maps like using Google Earth.

#WWDC21 Wishlist: When will #iPadOS or #iOS support multi-user login?

#WWDC21 Wishlist: Extending #macOS unlock with Apple Watch to FaceID or TouchID on iPhone and iPad.

#WWDC21 Wishlist: A very long shot. But can Apple partner with Raspberry Pi for IoT & Robotics STEM projects?

#WWDC21 I wonder if #Netflix or other streaming apps like #SharePlay by Apple. They all want to have this feature to get more usage data. #privacy

#WWDC21 With the new Notes features coming in #iOS15, will you still need #Evernote?

#WWDC21 Using #iPad to create apps for #AppStore distribution. Don’t underestimate what non-geek (kids, elderly, amateurs, etc) programmers can do. They will use it to solve problems that are previously deemed “non-commercially viable” and they are not in it for the money.

#WWDC21 Is #iCloud+ Private Relay compatible with national firewalls? Legally and technically?

#WWDC21 Using trusted contacts for #AppleID account recovery is great. Finally, technology getting back to a solution which is compatible with existing trust models. A human touch.

#WWDC21 When #Apple talks about health-tech, they keep reminding users that #privacy is fundamentally protected. And they won’t do anything to abuse that trust. But many health-tech startups were funded because of data value, will need to rethink and rebuild the business model!

#WWDC21 Animated GIFs are here to stay. Might end up outliving JPEG because of it. #AppleWatch

#WWDC21 I have been using symless/synergyc for virtual kvm cross platform. Universal Control in new macOS will be a nice upgrade now that I am not using Windows and Linux at my desk.

#WWDC21 Just watched Platforms State of the Union. Where is Andreas Wendker?

#WWDC21 I am already waiting for #SharePlay 2.0 across devices. So I can be watching WWDC sessions on AppleTV whilst FaceTiming on iPhone or Mac. 

#WWDC21 #Xcode Cloud to compete with other CI/CD SaaS? Or just a new model for full development cycle for Apple ecosystem? Closing the loop for malicious apps in the future?

#WWDC21 New #FaceTime features are not aimed at business use but will be great for calling friends and family. Virtual background is still an essential feature for business use.

#WWDC21 Big improvements to Find My in #iOS15, but I wish future versions will totally disable lost device, every component of it, so there will be no resellable value for thieves.


#WWDC2020 Wishlist: 

#WWDC2020 Wishlist: Everyone is talking about #ARM based Macs, let me join in. But can they do 32/64-Cores for Pro workstation market?

#WWDC2020 Wishlist: Customisable #iOS SpringBoard finally? Or a major UI revamp? It’s iOS 14, been a while since iOS 7 major UI changes.

#WWDC2020 Wishlist: Changing default #iOS apps is still a popular wish, but do you really want to have some sites working only on a browser which you have not installed?

#WWDC2020 Wishlist: #iCloud Swift PaaS for developers. Extending CloudKit to be a full PaaS like Firebase (and what Parse was).

#WWDC2020 Wishlist: Update #Xcode plugins and start a community around it, just like VSCode.

#WWDC2020 Wishlist: Will #Apple have any #blockchain tech announcements?

#WWDC2020 Wishlist: #FaceID fix for #Covid19? Not just easier to type in passcode, but maybe better detection of usage or proximity to #Applewatch?

#WWDC2020 Wishlist: Can #Apple do something like macOS App Thinning for #ARM and #Intel? So we can still have zillion cores MacPro happily with extremenly battery friendly MacBook?

#WWDC2020 Keynote livesteam didn’t work well in #China. Not cool.

#WWDC2020 Finally, #iOS on Mac. It’s good to keep developers happy.

#WWDC2020 Still not sure how #AppleSilicon will be great for #MacPro.