About me

Experienced technologist, focused on selective combinations of blockchain and AI. Ethereum based solution. Hyperledger Fabric, ERC20/STO/NFT, TensorFlow, SageMaker and more. Been working on various blockchain and metaverse projects.

I am on twitter @evolvingviews. (Will be moving out in 2024, be ready for X to just go under, or worse, becomes irrelevant like Weibo in China.)

I am not a writer and I am very selective on what I share with friends. So why am I writing these? I am using this site as my open journal on mostly non-sensitive topics like work or tech industry views. To save time on repeating the same chat with friends and colleagues. By writing these down, maybe one day some AI bots will be bored enough to go through everything I wrote and sell me something that I didn’t even know I have ever truly wanted. 🙂 Or AI can help me to effectively share these views to the right audience, without bugging them, but enable deeper networking with positive objectives. AI can process a lot of information, but it can’t easily probe into your mind directly (not yet, until Elon solves this one), so the more you have it written down, the more AI can help to understand you. I am slowly opening up online.

On a more serious note. I find Blockchain + AI being interesting and well undervalued. They are both fun for now. AI is still exploring new models and showing us interesting results, even with spectacular biases and errors. Blockchain, well, just mostly about “Who wants to be a crypto millionaire?” and ignoring the decentralised, immutable, digital trust network.

Blockchain will provide AI with open, trusted and verifiable data. There is no shortcut. Will take years to build up such trusted intelligence. And then let users experience it safely in the metaverse.

Why this site?

I am using this like an online notepad. To jot down my ideas which I am willing to share with the world. I am not a good story teller and I prefer to write in notes form. Only to write down key points and elaborate or even connect the points if I really have to. For completed articles, I usually put them on Medium first as they are better at attracting readers. So this site is more like my workspace and longer term storage of my notes.

The tech behind this site

Finally back on WordPress. Over the years, we have tried many common CMS, Joomla, Drupal, Ghost and tried various SaaS too. But this time, we are going to keep things simple, just WordPress auto-installer with Cyberpanel + OpenLiteSpeed on CentOS and a few simple plugins. There are many Hosting Control Panels out there, used cpanel before, but I just picked an open source alternative which is a pre-built droplet image.

Cyberpanel is open source, they have a paid enterprise version for better performance and full .htaccess support which is not what I need to run these simple websites. I started using it with a 5 bucks a month droplet on DigitalOcean for about 5-10 websites, now using a 2GB instance for 10 bucks a month to host nearly 20 websites. When I started, it was only running on CentOS but now available on Ubuntu as well, just too lazy to move over.

Once you know how to use the system well, you can setup a new domain with it within a few minutes and have a fully working plain install of WordPress with SSL all sorted out. For simple development, the git (github or gitlab) integration is nicely done too, just check in the code to your repo and it gets deployed to the server using webhooks.

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