About me

Experienced technologist, focused on selective combinations of blockchain and machine learning. Hyperledger Fabric, ERC20, IBM Watson and more. I am on twitter @evolvingviews.

About this site

Finally back on WordPress. Over the years, we have used many common CMS around, Joomla, Drupal, Ghost and tried various SaaS too. But this time, we are going to keep things simple, just WordPress auto-installer with Cyberpanel + OpenLiteSpeed on CentOS. There are many Hosting Control Panel out there, used cpanel before, but I just picked an open source alternative which is a pre-built droplet image.

Cyberpanel is open source, they have a paid enterprise version for better performance and full .htaccess support which is not what I need to run these simple websites. I started using it with a 5 bucks a month droplet on DigitalOcean for about 5-10 websites, now using a 2GB instance for 10 bucks a month to host nearly 20 websites. When I started, it was running on CentOS but now available on Ubuntu as well, just too lazy to move over.

Once you know how to use the system well, you can setup a new domain with it within a few minutes and have a fully working plain install of WordPress with SSL all sorted out. For simple development, the git (github or gitlab) integration is nicely done too, just check in the code to your repo and it gets deployed to the server using webhooks.