#iPadPro is nice, very powerful, expensive. But the cellular version won’t sell well in China/HK. eSim is not common. #Apple


Apple been pushing for the adoption of eSim for a long time. If it wasn’t for Apple, we might still be using microSim rather than nanoSim.

But eSim is kind of different. It’s not as easy to just travel around and swap another eSim in with another provider. And telecom companies around the world are still using these old school tricks to lock you in to their network.

Apple actually know these. They have eSim enabled Apple Watches for many years. Most users will not even attempt to sign up for eSim. And particular in China/HK, where it is common to have multiple SIM cards and port numbers to different networks, Apple always had a special dual-sim version of iPhone better suited for this market.

But this time around, Apple is pushing for iPad to be eSim only. They are unlikely to quickly win over telecom networks here. People won’t pay extra for having eSim feature enabled on their cellular plans.