#ElonMusk knows best. Only #Grok #AI. All other AI are security risks. There will only ever be one free speech absolutist platform, X.



Will be interesting to see how Elon will ban his staff from using Apple products. Oh, Windows is also OpenAI linked too. Let’s do just Linux. Or will he start X.os just for this?

Apple won’t have risked their reputation for OpenAI, nor did Microsoft. Their deal with OpenAI are frenemy. Apple won’t stop building their own AI. Kind of like what happened with Google Maps at the beginning when Eric Schmidt was still on Apple Board. But later to replace both of them with their own solution when it is strategic enough.

I am looking forward to Apple starting to allow for other AI integration. Perplexity, Meta, Anthropic, etc, etc. Siri can be the gatekeeper to these.