#Tesla can’t even be the first to sell cars with “level 3” autonomous driving. #Elon deserves to have $56B pay package?


$56B is a lot of money. But current market cap of Tesla is 469B. And it can still get much lower if you use traditional P/E ratio of the automobile industry. It is still being valued like a tech (mag-7) stock. But after 10 years of promising autonomous driving, the USP is starting to wear off. Can’t say Tesla been that innovative since. Cybertruck? Robots? Even on the wider set of Elon projects, seems not to be lacking vision, but deliverables.

It’s odd, but now-a-days, we seem to be forgetting is that the norm is for companies to make money, lots of it. Staff (and execs) are rewarded for making money for the company. Investors make money from stocks going up.