#AppleVisionPro is good, but will take years to build up the ecosystem.

Found time to play with Apple Vision Pro in the office yesterday.

Is it too hyped up? Expected too much? How did it compare with my Pico4 Pro?

Very well built, feels much better than all other first or early-gen VR headsets. Still a bit heavy, but I didn’t try the Dual Loop Band which should make the weight more bearable.

FOV is much smaller than Pico4, but the image quality is much higher, you can see any pixels. Pico4 can still see some pixelation artefacts if you try hard to look for them. Overall, the see-through mode is good, it is a bit darker than the real world, but you do get used to it quickly. You get used to it just like wearing any tinted ski goggles with a limited view.

The pinch gesture is good. But gets boring/tiring after a while. Can I have both? Pinch when I am lazy to pick up a mouse or a pair of Pico4-like 3D controller? Keyboard and other input methods for work?

Lack of good apps, will wait till WWDC 2024 and beyond…

But something odd, it was only after taking it off, and then I remembered, it wasn’t a transparent headset. During the time of playing around with it, except the part when the Apple logo appears, it felt just like a pair of heavy goggles. Maybe that is the killer feature of AVP, for non-tech users, they won’t think about these, they will think that it is just their normal/real world with some app windows floating around, without realising that it is in fact wholly digital. The difference might not be obvious.

Say it like this. This is the first non-transparent headset that you can trust to walk around with and interact with the real world. Pico4, Quest3/Pro, etc, you won’t dare to walk around on the street with.