Starting with #iOS 17.4, AppStore is no longer the only way to install apps, in the #EU for now. What a mess.

EU is “leading” the change, probably because #Spotify is European? They lobby hard enough for this. And EU, wanting to show muscle against US dominance, pushing for something that they should have no business with. It won’t backfire as such. But what’s the actual impact? You think most users will install an alternative App Store, just to install Spotify or Fortnite? What’s if after a few years, they still find that 90%+ of users just kept using App Store. Buyers ultimate vote is by their wallets, they were choosing Apple knowing that they have such control. You would expect western governments to understand these best, they were all voted in, but only to live with the ongoing complains throughout.

Other countries might follow. But might take years before Apple push this out globally by customer/user demand.

I am still against government overstepping into these. Particularly EU. EU does it mostly because they weren’t invented in EU and want a play into this without looking powerless. I was against USB Type-C written into regulations as it would limit (or slow down) Type-C being the smallest/best/fastest connector a mobile device can have. Apple being an innovator, they pushed ahead with MagSafe wireless charging, even gave away the tech to Qi.