#Apple #VisionPro is not a guaranteed success. Will take years to build up the ecosystem. It’s the most intrusive product they have introduced.


Vision Pro is exciting. Looking forward to getting one eventually. But getting better at not wasting too much time and money on first gen products from Apple. iPod, iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, etc. All first gen version were “cool”, but ultimately very different to the popular version 2-3 versions later.

I bought myself a Pico 4 Pro in 2023 to try out the advances in AR/VR. See-through in full colour is certainly acceptable and VR graphics quality is getting near retina level. Using it to watch movies is much better than going to cinemas. And 3D movies are much more immersive than even IMAX 3D cinema experience. Will take a few more years before movies are released simultaneously online and at cinemas.