Coffee Shop in Hanoi

Co-Working in Hanoi: Discovering the City’s Best Spaces for Digital Nomads

Looking for a great co-working space in Hanoi? We’ve got you covered! During our stay (June 7th-11th 2023), we visited three fantastic co-working spaces that we highly recommend for digital nomads and remote workers. Plus, we have some tips for saving money and making the most of your time in these spaces.

1. UPGen

First up is UpGen, which has six locations throughout Hanoi and nine in Ho Chi Minh City. We visited the Kim Ma Street location in Hanoi, which is on the fifth floor of a proper office building — VIT Tower. The minimum package is a 3-day one, priced at 330k VND, but we contacted them on Facebook beforehand and got a free-trial day, which is a fantastic way to check out the space while saving some money. The space is well-equipped and spacious, with separate rooms rented by company teams. You can find more info on their website or visited their Facebook page.

2. The Learning Hub

Next is The Learning Hub, which has a cozy and community-focused atmosphere. Compared to UPGen, it’s less formal and commercial, and offers a variety of flexible packages, from hourly to yearly. While the space isn’t too big, it’s comfortable for freelancers, and the owner also has a great cafe upstairs. If you bring a cup and order coffee there, you can even get a 10k VND discount. In order to experience both sites with lower costs, we paid for a 2-hour fee in the co-working space, and then spend the rest of your time in the cafe. 😁

3. Toong Trang Thi

Finally, we recommend Toong Trang Thi, a French-style space that’s popular partly due to its perfect location in a French villa across from the famous Metropolis Hanoi Hotel. While the price is a bit higher than others at 150k VND/day, the decoration and facilities make it worthwhile.

One more tip: most co-working spaces operate during regular working hours rather than late into the night or 24/7. Additionally, pay attention to their open times on weekends, as most co-working spaces either close or have shorter hours. 

Happy co-working in Hanoi!