How to upgrade to iOS 16 final from beta or RC version

It’s about time to get ready for iOS 16. It is already in Beta 3 and it is quite stable. (Always have a backup of the device before you play around with beta releases.) If you have started testing the iOS 16 beta releases, you can’t easily get back to iOS 15 (official non-beta release) without a full restore whilst connected to your computer. You are about another month or so away from the iOS 16 release and you can switch back to non-beta releases easily then. (I will confirm the final RC version number when it is out.)

The simplest way to go back to using stable version of iOS is to delete the iOS 16 beta profile and then do a Check for Updates.

Get to the Device Management settings by going to “Settings” > “General” > “Profiles and & Device Management” (In mine, it reads VPN & Device Management as I use VPN as well.)

Select and remove the iOS 15 Beta Software Profile and it will then ask you to restart the device.

When your device is back on, go back to do the usual Software Update in settings to get the latest version.

That’s it. You will be back on official iOS 16!

I usually wait till early September to get the RC version on my primary phone. Or at least wait till near end of August if you are brave. If you have dev devices, aim at mid July or so to start playing.