List of Mac apps

Just a list of apps I use on my mac, you might find them useful too.

  • Brave Browser – Just like Chrome, but no ads and you get rewarded if you choose to view ads.
  • KeePassXC – To store my passwords which are not in the built-in keychain. No, I don’t trust SaaS to store my passwords.
  • qBittorrent – Bittorrent client, supports RSS which I use with showRSS to watch daily shows regularly.
  • Resilio Sync – I use this to having my own P2P storage for important files which I don’t want to upload to OneDrive. I use Syncthing on servers because it doesn’t have iOS client.
  • Magnet – Just a quick way to organise windows on my Mac.
  • DEVONthink – Instead of Evernote, I use this to store web clippings. I use built in iCloud Notes for typing notes.
  • DEVONagent – For slow/deep searches. Rather than just relying on first few results from Google, I use this to run wider searches. Good for working out related topics too.
  • VS Code – Still trying to move to VSC, but I am actually still using BBEdit as my main text editor because I am so used to the Grep search.
  • Synergy – software KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) to share my keyboard and mouse across a few computers on my desk. I prefer multi-computers to just multi-screens.
  • WeChat, Whatsapp, Telegram, Mattermost, iMessage, Skype, Zoom, Webex, etc. I am not picky with chat software, I just use it by needs. It’s hard to avoid needing VPN if you want end-to-end encrypted chats. Also, I use this Wechat Extension on Mac, it’s good for auto-replies and running multiple accounts at the same time.
  • TeamViewer – Remote access.
  • Apple Remote Desktop for managing a network of Mac computers
  • Day One – Good Journal app on Mac and iOS, but getting a bit expensive now, I paid for it long ago, I don’t pay for SaaS version.
  • The Unarchiver – Zip utility. Can handle Chinese filenames properly.
  • VLC – still my favourite media player.
  • Cryptomator – Use any free cloud storage to store whole folder encrypted. Cross platform. Use it with multi-cloud, Baidu, Netease, Google, iCloud, OneDrive, etc. Another way is to use Cryptomator with Resilio Sync to have your own encrypted P2P storage. DON’T LOSE YOUR PASSWORD.

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