Just setting up a new blog…

Been writing on Medium, but don’t like paywalls. Prefer the Brave Rewards model. Write well and get tips in BAT. Good old advertising model, but rewarding content creators fairly. Click here to find out more about Brave Browser.

My blockchain articles on Medium

Hyperledger Fabric setup guides. Will republish them on this site later.

My tweets

Easier to share interesting news and quick comments on twitter. Please follow me on @evolvingviews

My new blog here…

Will also try to recover some old articles from my previous blog. Coming soon…

My lists

I keep lists and share them here. List of software I use, websites I read, movies I like, etc, etc.

”read a lot, it’s time to write a little.”

Not trying to find the right audience for what I write, will rely on Google or future AI to match up random thoughts to similar minds.

My friend commented on the site name a long time ago. Yes, still can’t decide, still evolving. But by writing it down, I can keep track of the changes. Views here are not meant to be “correct”, but just to capture accurately my thoughts at the moment. Will update every now and then.

You won’t even know if I use GPT-2 to generate some of the placeholder text here. So yes, don’t get serious about anything on this site. My disclaimer is already in the site name. 🙂

Oh, I might eventually write in Chinese.

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